photograph by Sue Bryce

photograph by Sue Bryce

Christina Lerchen

Writer, quote lover, makeup artist & cheese addict. My goal is to help other women navigate life's unexpected moments with compassion, humor & honesty. I am an artist on every level, from makeup artistry, writing, and creating content that inspires. I am able to find the beauty in everything, from the spirit and grace of the women I do makeup for, to the ways in which we explore resilience in our lives. I feel my connection with the inner beauty of my clients intrinsically connects with my personal development writing. There needs to be more humor, compassion and vulnerability that comes into the conversation anytime we talk about beauty...inside and out.

For me, beauty has always been found in the personal stories of strength and transformation from the clients who sat in my chair.  Their INNER BEAUTY was what I was always in love with.

The inner beauty that is filled with resilience, authenticity, and kindness.  The kind that radiates through their smile. It is a beauty that happens when you find resilience during the unexpected moments in life that knock us to the ground.

Because women are a powerful force. We are badass. And yet, we have forgotten that our beauty comes from those times when we kept moving forward, even amidst the tornado of life.

We are resilient.  We are a beautiful work in progress.

My work and writings have been featured in in magazines such as Oprah, Self, Allure Korea,, CBS Watch!, and Women's World Daily. My blog has been syndicated through the The Today Show, Chicago Sun Times, Huffington Post,, Type F, USA Today,,, and Yahoo Shine.Currently, I have two books published on Amazon that help women use coloring and gratitude journaling to help them find time to be creative and give them a moment to take care of themselves... if even just for 5 min.

Formally, I was the founder and editor in chief of the popular beauty blog “The Makeup Blogger”, which had a readership of over 60,000 visitors a month, and a social media following of over 550,000 on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.  I have filmed over 180 videos for Style channel, and been featured multiple times on Huffington Post Live.