The Best Unexpected


What makes you beautiful? Is it your eyes, your laugh, your willingness to share, the way you pick out your clothes, or is it just … you? Is it your bravery? Your resilience? On my personal development website, I explore how we define a beautiful and courageous  life. Life's unexpected moments (good, bad, and messy) can bring the best things to us, bring out the very best in us, and guide us to our best life.

Makeup Artistry - Beauty Editor


 I love helping women feel like the most beautiful version of themselves, radiating their inner confidence, bravery and joy. Makeup is not meant to be a mask, but instead can be a subtle enhancement that allows them to see their inner beauty reflected.  I have over 18 years of experience as a freelance makeup and hair artist working in all aspects of the business, including fashion, film, television and print.

Work With Me


I lead with kindness, compassion, and the fact that I have been right where you are. Whether you are looking for a makeup artist to help you find your inner light again, or want to work with me to create self help content that will connect and engage your audience, I am your gal. I will help you find a way to stay on track, and regain your footing…even when life hits you sideways.

"What I love most is the amount of thoughtfulness and care Christina has weaved into everything she does, whether it is her writing or artistry. Every inch of her work comes from a real and genuine place, which makes you feel safe and ready to grow. Thank you for everything!"

— Caitlin Timmins


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